Vasu started taking pictures actively in 2005 with his Canon point and shoot camera, soon he sold his first picture for $150 which got him intrigued to learn everything about photography. He spent next several years to learn his skills from renowned photographers. During this period, he started experimenting his ideas with basic SLR’s from Canon and Nikon, by trying various techniques in an inexpensive and expensive ways to accomplish the same results that he had envisioned. In the due course, he learnt so much about the native lenses and lenses third party manufacturers, travelled to several locations in USA, Australia, India and Canada exploring the wildlife and landscapes. One of his work has been published in National Geography in 2015.

Now that he has settled in Canada, he been independently shooting Maternity, Portrait, Prom, Events and Religious ceremonies across various cultures (Pilipino- Debut/Coming of Age, Indian/Hindu – Thread Ceremony (PooNool), Christian (Baptism) are to name a few). Also he is jointly working with top photographers in Toronto to shoot Weddings, Fashions and Editorials.

With all this experience, still he takes every assignment as if its his 1st one and pay attention to every details to capture the ever lasting mem❤️ries of your lifetime!

Events (1-2 hours package) – $400
Events (2-4 hours package) – $600
Portraits (Family, Kids, Seniors) (1 hour) – $200
Engagement and Weddings (Budget 6 hours package) – 1 Photographer: $1000
Weddings (Unlimited package) – 2 Photographers : $2800*
Maternity (1-2 hours) – $400
Prom (up to 4 hours) – $600
Product Photography – Pricing depends on the number of products and hours work involved
Special Events – Contact with location and details for pricing

*Can arrange for Videography at additional cost

Also , BTW, feel free to download and use the nature images as you wish and donations are welcome!